Friday, November 17, 2017

And then there was one!!  We are now on to the last green with the irrigation going in to 9W today.  The River greens renovations will delay the sand delivery in to 9 which should now happen next Thursday and Friday with the green being planted the following Tuesday.  4 and 8W are due to be planted next Wednesday and Friday respectively.

Elsewhere on the Club website is some information from VC Phil about an interruption to our water supply from Banora Point Wastewater plant which certainly put a spanner in the works this week.  Fortunately temperatures have still been down and we had some good rain last week that had the courses well prepared for the hiccup.  Having 2 three day old greens when I found out wasn't exactly the news I was hoping for but some judicious usage and skilled hand application by the crew had us survive the week.  I was given the go ahead to start pumping again on Thursday but waited another 24 hours.  The water is safe and is well below the regulated EPA parameters that we and the Council adhere to.

9W underway

The road in to 9W

Good to see turf get some recognition!!

I love old photos of golf courses and golfers but this one of German POW's being used to rebuild a bunker tickled my fancy!!

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