Friday, November 3, 2017

Another week has flown by and the front nine West greens project continues.  6 was planted as planned on Tuesday but the cyclonic winds that started up meant it was a very difficult job with the stolons blowing away as they were dropped.  A problem with the suppliers machinery meant that the stolons were very clumpy and it took a lot longer to plant than is usual.  The machinery is currently under repair so no stolons are available until next week so both 2 and 3 will be planted next Thursday.  The Santa ana collar at 6 was planted on Wednesday and the green covered in the much calmer prevailing weather conditions.

3W green didn't really unearth any great surprises but 2W certainly did.  We have thought for a while that 2 was a green built straight on top of another and that was certainly the case.  The drains were only just 300mm under the surface and even less in places which meant the green needed to be re-drained which was done.  As we dug the trenches for the drainage we unearthed another drainage layer that we assume belonged to the previous green.  Both 2 and 3 had a slight re-design in the front half to try and soften the slope that existed there as part of the works.

First mow on 1W

Top layer starting on 2W

1W received its first mow on Thursday 20 days after planting which was a little bit quicker than 13 which was the first green done last year.  It was a great result and the mowing height has already been dropped by 4mm.

4W is the next green on the agenda and will be started next Monday with 8 later in the week.

And if you think you've got a tough job spare a thought for the Masked Lapwings (formerly Plovers) and their three chicks around 17R.  The 3 offspring are all over the place meaning mum and dad are constantly trying to marshall them.  And the cooler overnight temperatures don't seem to be helping much with mum having to literally take the 3 of them under her wing to keep them warm and dry!!

Lots of feet under there!!

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