Friday, November 16, 2018

I mentioned a little while back that the new TifEagle on the West greens was "birdproof" from the Corella's who randomly attack 5, 6 and 7 West greens.  Unfortunately that is not the case anymore with damage to the greens this week.  Normally if the flagstick is out of the hole that's enough to keep them away as they seem to like swinging around on it.  It only seems to happen at certain times of the year so hopefully they will stop soon.  It is bad but there are other club's where an entire green can be destroyed.

6W hole on Friday morning.

An issue in the pump shed had me  spend a bit more time there than usual and I heard a splash in the pump well inside the shed.  On closer inspection I saw this monster of an eel that had got past the filter somehow and into the inlet pipe.  It wasn't too impressed about being caught either but is now somewhere in the Tweed River!!

Catch of the day.

River greens renovation will start on Sunday afternoon.  This is a major undertaking and one that we need fine weather for so here's hoping.  It's not something we like doing but is certainly something that needs doing.  We are one of the few club's in SE Qld that only do one renovation per year with most opting for another in late summer as well.  This year will see us scarify the greens up and back in at least six directions followed by a hollow aeration with 8mm tines.  Then its time for some fertiliser topped up with some sand that has been amended with some humate and gypsum.

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