Friday, November 30, 2018

It's starting to get very dry again and with the higher temperatures being experienced the courses are starting to show the effects with some dry areas appearing.  We have been here and worse before and it only needs some rainfall to bounce back but the forecast doesn't look good.  Two likely looking storms have brewed during the week with no result including one on Friday afternoon.

Looked good for some rain on Friday but.....

The River greens are coming back from the renovation well with mowing heights back to normal.  It is a tough time to lower the heights and restore the surface with the sand always causing the blades to lose their cut.

River greens on their way back.

The West greens have been uneven of late and that has been caused by a patchy response to fertiliser.  The greens are fed up prior to renovation to hopefully assist with recovery but they have taken the applied fertiliser in a very inconsistent manner.  TifEagle is a grass that can thatch up very quickly which is undesirable so fertiliser is applied judiciously to assist in preventing that along with cultural practices like sanding and de-thatching.  It takes about 7 - 10 days for the effect of a fertiliser application to become apparent and so it's not an easy thing to do quickly without causing a surge in growth.  Greens 9 and 13 have had a different fertiliser type applied and have responded better than the others although this type of fertiliser has been thought to be one of the causes of disease in the USA.  The greens are expected to come through the renovation with a much better even surface.

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