Friday, April 12, 2019

Not really the Friday finish that we wanted for the junior girls amateur but you can't control the weather and have to work with it as best you can which the crew did really well today pushing water off greens to make them playable until the heavens really opened up.  28mm of rain got dumped on the courses in around an hour but as I have mentioned many times before the construction of the River greens and bunkers meant that they became fully playable again within 20 minutes of the rain stopping.  The players returned to the course and completed their 3rd round and with no time for the final round the tournament was shortened to 54 holes.  Maybe I jinxed the tournament by buying an extra 3 squeegees which is what we use to push the water off the greens.  The lead up to and the week itself was a great buzz for the crew with a lot of overtime and effort put in.  I couldn't have been happier with the way the course played and it just shows what sort of turf quality we can produce with enough mowers and manpower.  Thanks again to Toro for the loan of the extra 2 fairway mowers that helped make the course look so good.  The West course also got a bit more attention after the girls had started and also looked great until the rain.

Not how we wanted 1R fairway to look before the final round

The only dampener on the week for us was the way the players treated the course.  They all carried a sand bucket from what I could see but they were hardly used.  Fortunately there is still enough growth to get recovery but I get really annoyed when the club opens its doors to these so called elite players to have this sort of golfing etiquette shown.  Rant over!!  Having said that there was some incredible golf played with a 15 year old 10 under at one stage of her first round and finished 8 under.  That was backed up in round 2 with a 5 under 68 from a 14 year old New Zealander.  Incredible talent on show.

Didn't even step on them to flatten them!!

The nights are getting much cooler and the daylight hours are reducing rapidly so mowing heights on some of our shaded tees will lift next week and if the weather cooperates we will get the tees fertilised next week as well.

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