Friday, April 5, 2019

397mm or just under 16 inches since March 1 which includes 174mm (just under 7 inches) in the past 10 days.  So yes it's wet and it has unfortunately not helped with course preparations for the junior girls tournament next week.  I don't recall seeing the fairways stay as wet as they have this week.  Unlike last week when virtually all fairways got mown we were unable to mow much of the West course and couldn't get near 1 and 9 on the River.  Hopefully the weather improves for next week.

Having the 2 loan fairway mowers certainly makes a difference with the fairways that can be mown coming up very well.  A bit dis-heartening when some hacker takes a divot within an hour of mowing and shows no respect to his following players though.

11R fairway - thanks for that!!

 A distinct change in the weather this week apart from the rain with morning temperatures in the workshop compound dipping below 20° for the first time since early November which is three weeks earlier than last year so it will be interesting if there is any distinct difference between winter this year and 2018?

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