Friday, March 29, 2019

Not that much to report except rain!!  Coupled with the warmer temperatures we are having a late surge in growth and are struggling to keep up, particularly in the roughs.  Another 85mm this week with some very heavy downpours unfortunately undid all the good work that had been done in the bunkers two weeks ago.  It is pretty disheartening for the staff that spend their time fixing the washouts then having to do it all over again.  The 85mm takes us to a total of 312mm for the month of March which is 12.5 inches in the old scale.  The courses were very slow to dry this week even with quite low tides and a couple of blocked drains didn't help.  There were no blocked drains on 1R though and the photo below was taken on Thursday evening and that indicates just how high the water table is and how wet the courses are.  Not quite as wet as two years ago on March 31, 2017 though when the remnants of Cyclone Debbie descended upon us in the other photo below.

1R Thursday 8 hours after the last downpour.

1R March 31 2017.

Most of the fairways got cut today which was a great effort in the conditions and our primary equipment supplier Toro has loaned us 2 x fairway mowers so we can increase the frequency of mowing in the lead up to the junior girls tournament in a fortnight.

Unfortunately the heavy rain virtually washed the sand away that had been applied to the River greens as part of the recent mini renovation on them.  The sand is critical in assisting the levelling of the surface of the greens and diluting the thatch layer.  At this stage I doubt we will get anymore out prior to the girls tournament and after grinding all our greensmower mowing units this week I don't really want the sand dulling the blades.

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