Friday, March 22, 2019

Well I certainly got my wish granted for the rain last week with exactly 200mm or 8 inches in the old scale falling over four days.  56mm tipped out of the gauge on Saturday morning followed by 83mm on Sunday then falls of 24mm and 37 mm on Monday and Tuesday.  To say we and the surrounding areas needed it was a huge understatement and we are now full to the brim with the water table right up combined with the high tides.
The bunkers wore the brunt of the damage and have now been restored to their former glory.  A little bit of sand replacement will be required which will take place over the coming weeks.
With the cloudy wet weather early in the week the small renovation on the River greens was scaled back as it is quite late to be doing the greens and an eye has to be kept on attaining and maintaining a fully grassed surface heading towards winter.  The greens will have a couple of sandings in the lead up to the junior girls event in early April.
The combination of the moisture and heat really has the grass growing at the moment so it is all hands on deck operating virtually every mower we have.  The bunker restoration works took up a lot of labour time this week so now that is all but finished we can get back to focusing on the grass.

And speaking of bunkers……………….

Just WOW!!           And then WHY??

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