Friday, March 15, 2019

The weather and lack of rain still dominates the thoughts of Superintendents around Australia with many courses either out of water and buying town water for their greens or very close to being out of water.  As I have mentioned before the 1.2 megalitres that we can pump every day isn't enough but I would hate to think what we would look like without it.  I don't think I have ever seen so many storms produce such little rainfall.  A few screenshots of this weeks radars with the last one tonight so hopefully we will get something worthwhile from this.  
March 9

March 14

Today March 15
Surely we will get something out of this tonight.  Having said that the courses have responded really well to the recent fertilising and are growing very well and playing great as well.  The West fairways had 2 tonne of fertiliser applied to them this week so hopefully some rain will arrive to really kick them on as well.

A small renovation will take place on the River greens early next week to get them prepared for the junior girls amateur in early April.  We will have to tread carefully as the weather can change at this time of year and get a bit cooler on us so just what will be done won't fully be decided until we actually start on Sunday afternoon.  There won't be any coring but there will be some de-thatching and sanding for certain.

And it wouldn't be Players week without passing a comment with respect to the levels they go to with the presentation of the golf course.  I don't know just how many volunteers they have there this year but the roughs are being mown with walk behind rotary mowers just like an old Victa.  The course is oversown this year and really looks like Augusta which is a shame because it is a tremendous course that doesn't need to be spruced up the way it has been and made to play soft.  But it should still provide some great golf and I look forward to watching it.  Even the TifEagle greens have been oversown which is also a shame.  I am pretty sure that Pete Dye the original designer only ever built 2 island greens in his career but he is always remembered for 17 at Sawgrass!!

Early days 17
17 under construction
17 today

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