Friday, November 29, 2019

The River greens are recovering well from their renovation and have had a couple of mowings already this past week.  Another top up of sand has a very nice level surface waiting for some more mowing next week to get the height back down to normal.  It is always a difficult time as the sand and reelmowers don't mix very well so it is very hard to get a quality cut in the early days following the renovation.

The West renovation will get under way next week with either the tees or greens collars being scarified.  The main part of the greens works will commence the following week and at this stage the greens won't be hollow tined but rather a 7mm solid tine will be used.  The weather (rainfall) will play a major part in this decision.  The greens will be heavily scarified and de-thatched with amendments added and finally sanded.  See November 15's post for some more detail on these activities.

The dry continues and some of the trenchlines around the courses are showing up including one of the most vital for the course.  That would be the trench that contains the pipe from the treatment plant that conducts the water to our dam for re-use.  It literally is liquid gold at the moment!!  As mentioned before and easy to see on the courses at the moment we don't get enough water to satisfy the entire property but we are in a much better position than others with many clubs operating on nearly dry dams or exceptionally salty water.  The arrow below indicates the line of the pipe which runs through the RHS green bunker on 15W.

Liquid gold under there.

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