Friday, November 22, 2019

Wind, wind and more wind.  It is a windy time of year but it would be nice if it blew some rain in!!??

The River greens renovation occupied the week and started last Sunday when there was a shower of rain that barely wet the ground but as I mentioned last week was enough to clog up the rollers on the machines.  Then the storm that hit on Sunday night came along and gave us lots of other work to do to put the courses back together again as well as renovate the greens.  Two and a half great days work by the crew saw the greens finished on time and a good result achieved.  It is a painful process but a very necessary one.

And speaking of the storm, the photo below shows the radar and the course is right under the arrowed black section that provided hail as well as 20mm of rain in about fifteen minutes.  A lot of it ran off unfortunately as it was too heavy but we got some benefit from it.  It caused a lot of clipping wash as can be seen in the other photo at the front of 4R tee which mostly requires time consuming manual removal.

Came from nowhere.

Debris at 4R tee.

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