Friday, January 10, 2020

Quite a promising forecast for rain over the approaching week end and here's hoping that it comes true.  I hope I haven't cursed the rain by cleaning the drainage pits around the courses this week and clearing debris from them.  Let's hope not?

Ready and waiting for some rain?

Obviously the dry continues and there is a rock that has been in the dam at 15W since the rockwall was built there in 2001.  That dam is directly related to the water table and the top of the rock has only been visible once before.  It is now just about to break the surface.

Just about visible.

The West greens have continued their recovery this week with a good sanding applied.  The sand is the same that we use at renovation and is what the greens were constructed from so as to prevent any layering from occurring.  A couple of spoon feed fertiliser applications were also applied and have had a good response despite the difficult soil conditions.  I took some more soil tests this week and the condition of the soil has deteriorated even further since late November which is understandable given the lack of rainfall.  

A herbicide was applied to green surrounds on both courses this week and it causes a temporary burn on the leaf which should grow out within a week.  Two applications are necessary so if the weather behaves the second application will happen next week.

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