Friday, January 17, 2020

We only got 10mm of rain on Tuesday night but the big benefit was that it all soaked in with none lost to run off and what a difference it has made.  It's probably not quite enough to get the fairways moving again but it had a pronounced effect on the West greens with a surge of growth since the rain.  The recent rainfall predictions have been a little off which is pretty unusual for the main site that I follow which is Willyweather.  They base their predictions on the weather bureau but then tailor them as they read it and they have been off the mark recently.  They have tomorrow at a 90% chance of 40 - 80mm so here's hoping they get it right - and the rain falls out of golf time!!  Some of the falls over the last couple of days have been sporadic with rain coming down from the north.  Yesterday Caboolture GC got 20mm and Nudgee Gc missed out completely while downtown Brisbane got 26mm.  Here's hoping for some at Coolangatta Tweed.

And a good story out of the horror of the bushfires.  A good friend of mine is at Bermagui GC and the town was evacuated and all power turned off which meant his greens had no water for eight nights.  He snuck past a road block to get back to the course and was amazed to find the greens fully covered and a verdant green.  The carbon component of the ash that blanketed the ground had releaased into the profile and the greens had responded accordingly.  No traffic for the duration also helped but as he commented that is no money coming in at the busiest time of the year.

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