Friday, May 7, 2021

Wednesday certainly cooled things down with the daytime temperature not even topping 20 degrees which is the first time since August last year.  We also got a further 15mm of rain during the day and the water table is that high that it looked like we'd had 100mm with the amount of water lying about the courses.  The fertiliser that got applied to the tees is certainly doing it's job with a very good cover of grass evident as we head towards winter.

Once again the course closure on Tuesday allowed us some much needed course access and the River greens were solid tined with the same size tines as the West greens the week before.  We also got a sanding on both courses greens which will probably be the last for the season and this helps level up the surface.  It is a blended sand that is used and its got some humate and gypsum mixed in with it.  An application of soluble fertiliser on Thursday has some nice colour on the River greens as well.

Quite a few more bunkers were renovated during this week and the weather finally allowed the contractor to come in and spray the assortment of weeds on the West course lakes.  It will probably take a couple of applications to get control due to the thickness of cover.

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  1. Hi Peter good to see that fertilizer worked a treat on the tees and fairways. I hope you are watching TV golf at Honda Classic Siam Old where the greens are absolutely pure. These greens are Bermuda Hybrid Novatek. I have played on this course 2 years ago absolutely perfect. Judging by the putting these girls are doing makes golf worth playing. The ball is stopping on a cent rolling like water on oil silk. Ok sorry but why was this grass not considered given it is mutch hotter in Thailand Chon Buri than CTH. Were we cheapskate and now we are getting what we paid for? Played 27 holes last Sunday and none of the six players were able to sink putts longer than 3m. When I played in Thailand I was averaging 4 birdies per round. Here I am flat strap getting one. Just because the greens do not roll they bounce and bobble.


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