Friday, June 11, 2021

It almost felt icy this week with a very cold breeze blowing but having spent last weekend at Black Mountain near Glen Innes where it snowed yesterday, this week has been quite balmy by comparison!  All the turf on both courses except the tees are handling winter thus far very well.  The tees are struggling with the sheer volume of play and winter has a long way to play out.  The entrances and exits to buggy paths are also struggling with the huge amount of buggy traffic.  A relatively calm Friday gave us the opportunity to get the main playing syurfaces blown  and the courses are looking in great condition and a credit to the crew.

The resistant Poa annua I have previously mentioned appears to be resistant to the latest product tried so another will be trialled next week.  It is pretty frustrating but at least we don't have the resistance issues that the southern States have been experiencing so that's a positive at the moment.  What would be frustrating though, would be your course flooding literally the day you come out of lockdown in Melbourne due to the stormy weather they have been having this week.  A number of courses on the Yarra River in particular were affected.

I got the photo below early this morning and was thinking about what a great site the courses occupy.

Beautiful outlook across the River to sunrise.

And then this is how the day finished up a couple of hours later...a four inch irrigation mainline repair.

Thank heavens for Gus and his mini digger!


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