Friday, June 4, 2021

Not very much to report this week with the Ladies championships taking most of our attention on Tuesday and Thursday.  Pretty much all efforts were put towards preps for those two days and the courses came up really well.

All the fairways and greens got some liquid fertiliser this week and selected tees were also done.  The par 3 tees are really starting to struggle with virtually no recovery and they are looking really chopped up.  We have topdressed a couple of them and will start filling divots as well for the rest of winter.

One of the fairway sprinklers on 18R wasn't functioning properly and when the lid was removed the boys could smell something fishy.  After removing the sprinkler the cause of the blockage was found with an eel jammed in the base of the sprinkler.  Not the most pleasant smell I can assure you!! 



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