Friday, October 1, 2021

 41mm of rain for the week made up of falls of 18, 11 and 12mm with most of it soaking in and very little lost to run off.  We certainly needed it although not as desperately as the past few years when the water table had really dropped.  Looks like there's more to come tonight as well judging by the radar.

Tuesday looked a pretty dirty day for golf so not many players turned up, so we took the opportunity to ''paint'' the Couchgrass runners that were coming in to the West greens.  It's a painstaking and slow operation but a job very well done by our two apprentices Haydn and Dylan.  Having young knees and backs is definitely an advantage!!  The greens are regularly edged to cut the runners off, but it is the rhizomes that get under the cut zone and then sprout up in the green that are the problem.  The tightness of the TifEagle surface helps prevent the incursion which is way worse on 13R for example as the 328 turf is so open and easy to penetrate.

Literally painting the runners.

The wind certainly hasn't abated this week and the courses were a mess on Friday morning.  We did get a few hours of calm and got most of the place blown so that we could mow and rake a clean surface.  It didn't last long with the wind coming up again late on Friday but the blowing needs to be done otherwise we cant get the work done properly.  It also gets some of the leaf debris off so that the sunlight can get to the surface which is also really important.  The bunker on 2R below was blown out and raked and was still clean last thing this afternoon despite the gusty winds during the afternoon.

Leaf collecting bunker on 2R.

Still clean after being blown out and raked.

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