Friday, October 8, 2021

A lot was achieved in the short week with Mondays public holiday. We were able to get both courses greens de'-thatched and mown in the dry which as I have mentioned before means a much cleaner and better result. Low player numbers on both Tuesday and Friday allowed us to get this done.

I don’t want to really get political but the decision by the government to mandate that all staff have to be double vaccinated by November 1 is pretty rough considering our vaccines were transferred to Sydney to help them out. Five of the groundstaff are yet to have the second vaccination so it is going to leave us very lean for most of November. At this stage the greens renovation scheduled for Monday, October 18 will still go ahead on the River course.

We have started to spot spray weeds in fairways and some boom spraying will also take place in the coming weeks when the weather is suitable so look out for some dis-colouration.  We were also able to get the River course tees scarified this week and plan to do the River greens collars next Tuesday.  We only have two days for the greens renovation so doing the collars the week before reduces the workload on Monday 18.

Nicole is writing up an application for a grant at the moment and wanted some photos of the courses.  As I was perusing the myriad of photos I have I came across an old newsletter with a lot of familiar members names appearing.  Tony Venn is the only staff member mentioned that is still here so Tony has been at the club for 37 years!!  And although not mentioned in 2006, Mark Hartmann is only two years behind him.  There were quite a few staff that had racked up a decade or so at that stage who are still here now as well.  I've made it as big as I can so hope you can read it.

60 staff......those were the days!!


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