Friday, November 5, 2021

Low staff numbers this week thanks to the double vaccination / work rule meant pretty much just the basics got done.  One of the main issues with virtually all golf greens is encroachment of foreign grasses, particularly from the immediate collar grass.  The West greens are now edged on a very regular basis and that helps cut off any encroaching stolons which are ''runners'' that come in on the surface and then take root.  Encroaching rhizomes are the more difficult to control as they encroach under the surface then shoot new leaves.  A couple of very good examples below of rhizomes that have got into the green despite the 25mm deep edging that is carried out.


Encroachment into the TifEagle is generally less of a problem due to the tightness of the canopy when compared to 328 but stopping aggressive rhizomes like this is near impossible.

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