Friday, November 26, 2021

Well last weeks forecast seemed fairly accurate and certainly had an effect on the West greens renovation as the weather did last month at the River greens renovation.  We got a great start on Sunday afternoon in almost perfect conditions and although there were some light showers on Monday we definitely dodged a very big bullet.  The photo below shows the radar at 10.30 on Monday morning with the arrow indicating the line of travel for the rain which came in from the NE.  Somehow it virtually all went around us and we only had a couple of light showers but the lack of breeze meant the surface stayed wet for a long time.  That meant that a lot of thatch stayed on the surface which is a shame as the removal of thatch is one of the main goals of the renovation.  The other photo below is of the amount of material (thatch) that was removed from 18W green which was the best part of a cubic metre and that was pretty much the same for every green.

Rain all around us.

The pile from 18W green.

Tuesday morning was a very different story with 20mm falling in a 5am deluge that flooded the workshed compound and then another heavy shower came down just after 10am.  The result was a very wet surface and we have experienced a lot of wash on the greens.  The constant showers / rain during the rest of the week hasn't really helped get the surface to where we want it to be either.  As with the River greens we weren't able to get some of the amendments on to them that  I would have liked but the surface has come up ok considering and now we just need the recovery growth to start.

The arrow has the rain coming straight at us.

So all up 90mm of rain for the week which was welcomed by the rest of the property but certainly wasn't welcome for the renovation and unfortunately due to the intensity of the rainfall a lot of it ran off and didn't soak in.  We tried to rub in some of the wash on the greens today and had some moderate success and also got some liquid foliar fertiliser on the greens which would have looked a bit strange to have hoses operating on greens after receiving 42mm of rain overnight.

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