Wednesday, March 30, 2022

And still it rains.  Another 42mm overnight has put a dampener on things but hopefully the worst of the overnight rain has, and will stay south of us.  There have been some falls of 300+mm for the second day in a row around Ballina.  It makes for a very wet past few months and it seems to becoming a trend for the period of December 1 - end of March over the past few seasons.  December 2019 to end of March 2020 saw 1593mm fall.  The same period  2020 - 2021 = 1710 and with one day left this season we sit at 1669mm.

Out on the courses they are obviously very wet but the positive aspect is that the river is staying low meaning that a huge amount of water can get off the courses and thus far there has been little inundation on high tide.  This mornings high tide just came over the levee bank road to 2R.  The standing water in areas that don't have drainage will take some time to move especially with such a high water table.

The photo below shows 9R tee at low tide Tuesday afternoon showing just how much water drained off.

9R tee at low tide Tuesday afternoon.

@high tide Tuesday morning.


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