Monday, March 7, 2022

Hopefully last nights storm that produced just shy of 30mm of rain is the end of it for a while.  Much larger totals were recorded further up the coast and the only good thing about the 30mm is that it came in a hurry so it mostly ran off and didn't get a chance to soak the ground.

Looked nasty last night, and was.

Many thanks to the thirty odd volunteers that came out this morning to help clean up the courses, you did a great job and makes the final clean up that bit easier.

As mentioned last week, 1 & 9R are really slow to dry due to the incredibly high water table as are several of the West fairways that don't have much fall or drainage capacity on them.  Elsewhere the grass is going berserk and that fertiliser we got out the other week is really kicking in as the growth regulator effect runs ou,t so we will be applying some growth regulator where possible tomorrow.  As expected there is some burn on some greens from the salt water with 7 and 15R the worst affected but it should grow out.  The sun still hasn't been out much which doesn't help the greens on either course so some sun would be nice.

Tuesday and Wednesday this week should be ok for 16 holes of play on the River course with carts and the West should be open to walkers on Wednesday if there is no more rain in the meantime.

Salt burn at the front of 7R green.

Since my first post regarding the flood eight days ago this blog has had 5,474 views so I trust you ''enjoyed'' the coverage and information provided given the tragic circumstances so many locals find themselves in.  This will be the last update regarding the flood and we will resume normal programming on Friday.

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