Friday, April 15, 2022

Surely the rain forecast below has to be right?  It just can't keep going the way it is. Just over a week before the players start arriving for the biggest tournament the club has hosted in thirty five years and we need the rain to stop to get the courses dry again.  We need to protect the fairways as much as possible to ensure the best possible playing surfaces for the tournament.  19mm of rain in total overnight Thursday and the West fairways were swamps again and most of the River course was not much better.  The light showers during the day today don't help the situation and I think the courses are wetter at 5pm today than they were this morning.  A couple of shots below of 13 and 14W early on Friday morning.  We actually started checking 16W for an irrigation leak as the standing water on it is just not receding, the water table is just so high.

Oh and just for the rainfall total - the rain since last Friday has put our YTD total to 1565mm.  That's 1.565 metres of rain

Hopefully correct?

13W Good Friday morning.


It's going to be a huge two week period of work for the crew to get the West as good as we can given the resources available (and the weather) whilst still maintaining the River course for play.  I had arranged for three extra volunteers to come in to supplement our crew but unfortunately the second flood means they are needed at their home course which is totally understandable. Obviously not a lot will be done to the River course in the mornings of tournament week and almost every time I get some correspondence from the Euro Ladies Tour their start time comes forward as they are very concerned about getting all the players through on days one and two.  


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