Friday, April 22, 2022

Tournament week is just about upon us and the staff have done an amazing job to get the West course in particular, to where it is now.  Considering what we looked like at the start and then again at the end of March with floodwater, it is an absolute credit to them.  All but a small area on 4R fairway were able to be mown today and I have never seen it take this long for the fairways to dry out following rain.  16W has always been wet before the fairway bunker but the amount of water that it held past the bunker was extraordinary.  We haven't been able to mow 16W for just shy of four weeks which I can't believe.

But the course is ready for the players and with the weather gods co-operating and a few final touches I think we will have produced a pretty good product.  Actually, it will be nice for the course to get a break and only have about 120 players each day who for the most part respect the course they are playing.

A bit unlike this effort on 5W today in the members comp.

At least they tried to put the divot back.

Tournament weeks such as this are a very long drawn out affair for the the crew with staff needing to be onsite before, during and after play  to prepare the courses and put them back together. for the next day.  Hopefully the squeegees won't be needed during play!!??


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