Saturday, March 14, 2015

17 West green continues to progress after 5 weeks since planting.  Unfortunately the torrential rain overnight Friday caused some more wash at the front of the green which will affect the finished surface in the early stages.  Root development is good and the task now is to achieve a full cover which shouldn't take long with the runners already starting to spread.

Next week will see some of the tree removal program that is part of the Course Improvement Plan commence.  There will be several contractors on site and your cooperation in giving them as much right of way as possible will be appreciated.

As reported last week the River greens will also receive a mini renovation on Monday and effect on the playing surface should be minimal.  The greens will get some fertiliser to get them prepared for the winter.  It is important to get them as healthy as possible in the lead up to winter so they can maintain a full cover of grass and withstand the player volume.  

And on the other side of the planet as the snow starts to thaw in America the photo below comes from Ridgewood CC in New Jersey with the quickest way to get the snow off their greens!!
One way to get snow off your greens!!

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