Sunday, March 29, 2015

The heat and humidity continues but the shorter daylight hours makes a huge difference to the stress levels on the turfgrass.  The West greens are recovering well and some patching was done earlier this week which completely depleted the nursery green which will be redone later in April.  The River greens are also recovering well from the mini renovation and are settling in well for the cooler months.  Last weeks fertiliser has kicked in and they are growing very rapidly.  They look a little stripey presently but that is from the sand getting caught up in the reel and effecting the quality of cut.

The on course works involved in the Course Improvement Plan will commence on Monday April 20 and probably last 4 weeks weather permitting.  A new bunker liner will also be installed in the LHS 7 West greenside on April 27 that has been used successfully elsewhere.  This is a link to a Youtube video of just how well the liner worked at Sanctuary Cove earlier this year.   ProLiner bunker video

Well I am off for 3 weeks leave so there will be no blog posts over that time so I trust you continue to enjoy the courses. 

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