Friday, March 20, 2015

Another week passes by with a lot of work performed in addition to routine maintenance with low staff numbers.  The renovation of the River greens has gone well although they were due to be fertilised on Thursday to speed up recovery but it was too windy.  They were fertilised on Friday morning and will not be mown on the week end at this stage.  The surface is quite good as there is not a lot of leaf growth at this stage.

Three main areas of tree works were performed this week being RHS 5 West green, RHS 14 West fairway and LHS 2 River fairway.  These works are all part of the Course Improvement Plan and will not only allow for better lines of play but will also allow for more light to reach the ground which in turn encourages grass growth, particularly at 5 West green.

17 West green continues to develop and has reached the 6 week stage.  If the weather holds up and there are no more damaging rainfall events the green should open at 12 weeks as expected.  13 River green continues to develop and improve and is just 18 weeks old.

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