Friday, March 4, 2016

Well the forecast of rain was accurate and this time I missed on getting some fertiliser out!!  It was 100mm of the most welcome rain as the courses were really starting to dry out.  Although it was heavy at times I would estimate about 70% of it soaked in and has already had a dramatic effect on the grass growth.  The other bonus was that not too much work time was lost which can often be the case.  It did unfortunately wash the bank of the new practice green again and I am contemplating whether to turf this small area to rid us of this problem. 

The low wind speed of the last couple of days gave us the chance to blow all the debris out of the bunkers and give them a rake which after such a heavy rain was very much needed.  However it makes you wonder why we bother when this greets you within an hour of the bunker being raked.

Why do we bother....

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