Friday, March 25, 2016

Well I think I can safely say we are now past summer.  The days are a lot shorter now and the dews are heavy and staying around longer despite the beautiful sunny days and pleasant temperatures.  It still hasn't dropped below 20 degrees overnight yet but it won't be long.  The courses have come through summer in great condition, in particular the West greens considering the age of most of them and grass type.  The staff have certainly stepped up to the plate with an average of just 11.3 staff on the golf courses each day since January 1.  How they have been able to keep up is a testament to their work ethic and they are all to be congratulated.

There will be some tree work being performed over the next two weeks with dead and dangerous trees being removed commencing next week.  The following week will see tree removal around 3W green to allow more light to reach the green and surrounds.  You only need to look at the improvement in turf quality around 4R tee, 5W green and 9W green following tree removal adjacent to these areas over the past few years.  All stumps will be ground and re-filled as part of the operation.

And speaking of trees the photo below shows a trench line that was cut as part of the sprinkler installation to the CIP areas on 2W.  It demonstrates just how much the tree roots pull out of the fairways with such a distinct line.

No tree roots on the left anymore!

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