Friday, April 1, 2016

I think I went a bit early last week with the "summers over" call.  A beautiful week of weather but some last minute summer disease problems on the West greens was just not what was wanted.

Once again short staff numbers with sick wives and children requiring care and one of the casuals successful in getting full time employment really had us under the pump in a short week with strong growth.  The fairways are still powering along and this is very unusual to have this much growth so late in the season.  242mm of rain in March that fell on 20 days and constant 30 plus degree temperatures is obviously partly responsible for the growth.  We are still to drop below 20 degrees overnight and the coming week promises more of the same.

For today's corporate day we installed a "big hole golf" hole in the practice green.  I'll leave it there over the week end for players to try. Big hole golf hasn't taken off to the extent that "footgolf" has in Australia with quite a few clubs running days that are gaining popularity. 

As mentioned last week a number of dead and potentially dangerous trees were removed today and next week we will be removing some trees adjacent to 3 West green.  The photo below is of a Eucalypt on RHS 7W that wasn't hanging on by very much!


And another week goes by with poor etiquette on the courses.  The top one is two totally untouched divots but then again if you can only hit it 10 feet you're in for a long day.  The second is of a divot taken out of 3W green which is one of at least 12 divots out of greens since Christmas.  A couple of juicy unrepaired ball marks too and the old chestnut of a totally unraked bunker after a shot on the right hand side.  At least the others made an attempt..
Get some lessons - in etiquette as well!
Not much respect for those following?
Still no respect for those following?

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