Friday, April 8, 2016

24 degrees and 84% humidity in the shed compound this morning made for a very uncomfortable start to the day and further proof that summer isn't done yet.  It is the second week of April right??  The fairways are still powering along and may need another application of growth regulator which has never happened after mid - March before!!

The West greens are showing the effects of an excellent result with the control of encroaching couchgrass.  The runners that the plant is now producing are evidence of a very good result although can affect the putting surface.  The greens are still struggling with the heat and humidity although the only reason I walk on 17W green is to see how well it is doing!!  

A very busy week with the tree removal at 3 West green.  A huge improvement is expected in the putting green quality and also the green surround that got very slippery during winter last year to the point that the area was not walkable.  Some turf will be laid on Monday to finish the job off.

The River greens received a much needed sanding today although the light drizzle wasn't very helpful in drying the sand to allow it to be rubbed in.  As soon as the weather cools the West greens will also get a sanding to help re-level the surface.  If sand was put on the greens in the heat we are experiencing it would "cook" the greens.

Sand going on 18R

I trust Russ and Gary enjoy their time at The Masters this week and don't come back with a dose of "Augusta Syndrome"!!  This is what Superintendents call players lofty expectations of their own course after seeing Augusta either on TV or live on course.  The Masters really is a show on its own and Augusta make a lot of their own rules which is fine but they also have a near perfect course made possible by a big budget and a huge staff come tournament week.  And the extra staff aren't just some "dads army", they are some of the most senior staff from some of the worlds best courses that volunteer for the week.  It is probably the most high pressure Supers job in the world and the current Super has been there 19 years which is an enormous achievement but as the club forbids its employees to speak publicly unfortunately you don't get to hear from him.  But let's sit back and watch how the week end unfolds and hopefully one of the Australians can do us proud although they are going to need to shoot low after poor first rounds.

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