Friday, April 22, 2016

The beautiful weather continues and let's hope it doesn't rain for the dawn service on Monday, oh and for the golfers as well!!

Another fairly hectic week on the courses with the best thing from my point of view finding the leak that has been causing the sprinklers to leak.  As mentioned before we have what is known as a "hydraulic" control system on the sprinklers meaning water pressure is utilised to keep the valves closed and when the water pressure is released the valves open.  Hence any leak or drop in pressure can cause problems.  A leak detector was engaged and he said the leak was in 17R mens tee which was close to a repair carried out in 2007.  So knowing that it was 7 feet deep a digger was bought in and what we thought would be a fairly small hole turned in to half the tee.  Alas there was no leak.  Further investigations were conducted and another leak detector was engaged and the leak was finally found and repaired on the front 17R tee and was only 4 feet deep.  So know hopefully no more sprinkler leaks on course.

When we started on 17R tee.

When we gave up!!  

They don't make them like they used to could be said for our fertiliser spreader which was purchased in 2009 and had a major component rust out and it actually dropped out whilst fertilising 7W fairway resulting in 3 times the fertiliser required being applied.  This resulted in quite a burn after the buggies had driven all over it but with the current weather recovery should be swift.

 The wheel marks are the only blight on the courses as once again I remarked to the staff that both courses are as good as I've seen them and the new rough cutters delivered his week will only help things out.

3 of the 4 new mowers arrive.

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