Friday, April 29, 2016

A beautiful week of weather once the wind died down and the courses are in excellent order heading towards winter.  A very good cover of grass on all playing areas should ensure good playing surfaces throughout the low growing months of winter.

We are still having troubles with leaking sprinklers caused by a leak on the main control line and thought we may have found the problem when an old fitting on a 2 inch supply line had so much corrosion that the effective pipe size was less than 1/2 inch.  It too has helped but not solved the problem so the search will continue for the cause of the drop of pressure.

Corrosion in the pipe.
A number of members have asked about the availability of some mulch from the fresh piles down at 6 River following last weeks grinding and I am happy to advise that we regularly drop mulch up in what is known as the "picnic ground" next to the main buggy shed car park.  This mulch is available free of charge to members.

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