Friday, August 26, 2016

80mm of rain on Wednesday wasn't really the preparation I was looking for with the Pro Am just 2 days away but the course took it well and the ground staff did a tremendous job again to get the course playable.  The 7 o'clock shotgun in the morning was a challenge but the staff stood tall and once again produced the goods.

A bit of tree trimming and removal of a couple of dangerous trees this week down the LHS of 3R opens the play lines up to make the hole much fairer.  The right side is earmarked for similar work in a few weeks.

The pipe for the new irrigation installation on the new West greens arrived this week which is another indicator of just how close the project is.  The temporary greens continue to develop and are almost growing too fast.

 Irrigation pipe.

Some sand will be added to bunkers next Monday and Tuesday which will replace some of the sand that has been played and blown out.  The bunker sand is trucked down from Caboolture and is widely used throughout SE Qld at the moment.  It is a blend of actual rated bunker sand and brickies loam which gives it some weight and water holding capacity and helps hold it in place.  We have been using this blend for some 8 years now.

And just for a laugh this was the actual grouping at last weeks tour in the USA.  Someone at least has a sense of humour!!

Have to laugh!!

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