Friday, August 5, 2016

A great finish to the USPGA last week with an incredible effort from the grounds crew to keep the course playable despite the weather interruptions.  They do get a huge number of volunteers to assist (which is an effort in itself to manage the numbers) but the playability of the course was superb given the conditions.  Although Jason Day finishing pin high on the 550yd par 5 last with 2 x 2 irons on a rain softened course may hint toward the ball traveling a bit too far!!  

There has been a very good seed strike on the temporary greens on the back 9 West and the plan is to let them grow then mow them back down slowly.  The finished putting surface should be very good, especially if we can stop the ducks grazing on them!!  The greens have been oversown with a mix of Bentgrass and a grass called Poa trivialis which is the most common turf type used for oversowing Couchgrass greens.  Both these cool season species are expected to die out once the warm weather really arrives around Christmas and there should be a smooth transition as the Couch underneath emerges.

The weather certainly took a turn for the worse this week but fortunately we didn't get the volume of rain that fell further south with many areas receiving 250mm+ which is too much.  What we did get virtually closed the courses on Thursday then had buggies off the West course on Friday.  When I see damage like this it really makes you wonder why I worry so much about the decision on keeping buggies off.  Maybe they need to be off until both courses are bone dry again?

Frustrating damage on 5R....Idiots.

And I saw the following photo on a Twitter feed that I follow.  Could you imagine that happening in this day and age??

Single file please!!

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