Friday, August 12, 2016

Another great week of weather for the Veterans week of Golf with just a couple of spots of rain spoiling the perfect run late on Thursday.  It always amazes me the way the course is left after such huge player numbers and it's a credit to all the volunteers who come in and assist the organising committee. 
The temporary greens on the back 9 west received their first mowing today and look very good.  Unfortunately the ducks think they are looking good too and are grazing them daily.  Preparation for the greens works started back in April when the Board approved the works when the planning logistics of such a program started.  Labour, machinery contractors, staff, sand, fertilisers, irrigation and drainage materials as well as the grass itself are just some of the items requiring planning.  It is a big project to undertake and the bulk of the works will be done "inhouse". 

10W first mow.

The information below gives an outline of the proposed works;

  • Spray out as much foreign couchgrass as possible prior to excavation.

  • Excavate to a minimum depth of 400mm and a maximum of 600mm where couchgrass is present.  The greens will all be enlarged and 12 green will have minor surface adjustment to allow for fairer pin locations.  The surplus material will be either stockpiled for future use or spread in areas of tree roots in amongst trees close to the green being worked.  A select number of bunkers will be reduced in size.
  • Find greens drainage and ascertain condition and functionality.  Replace / upgrade / flush as necessary.
  • Green surrounds to be modified where required to improve water movement away from the green surface and surround.
  • Remove and replace all existing irrigation, some of which is 30+ years old.
  • Refill the green “well” with USGA specification sand, with the top 100mm being amended with various soil amendments.
  • Greens to be stolonised with Tifeagle.


 May - July 2016  
·           Temporary green preparation. Tick.
·           Stolons ordered and reserved.  Tick.
·           Growth blanket, irrigation, drainage, sand and machinery requirements ordered /   confirmed.  Tick
·           Advertise for two seasonal staff.  Tick.
·           Confirm excavation / construction contractors. Tick.

October 4, 2016Project starts.
·            Two greens to be planted at a time on October 17, 31, November 14 and 28.
·            Two greens back in play at a time on January 2, 16, 30 and February 13.

Timeline is totally dependent on suitable weather.

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