Friday, March 3, 2017

60 of the best millimetres of rain during the week you could wish to get.  Some was a little heavy but certainly no complaints here.  The courses were just about as dry as I have seen them in the near eighteen years I have been here.  The rain wasn't all that widespread so we may have been very lucky with what we got.  The small dam on the corner of 5W has been dry twice that I can remember and would have been dry this week without the rain.

5W dam last week
5W dam after 60mm 😀

 A 328 nursery green was planted this week on the site of the old bentgrass nursery green so some more new turf to look forward to growing in.

New 328 Nursery green.

Not really much else to report from this week as we were busy keeping the new turf on 12 and 14 west alive and tending to normal routine maintenance.  The rain and heat will really get the rough moving along so the rough mowers are primed and ready to go for next week

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