Friday, March 24, 2017

Another week of some good rainfall amounting to about 90mm but gee hasn't it got the grass moving along with the mosquitoes!!  The fairways are under a growth regulator that generally last 4 weeks almost to the day but they have already kicked after just 3 weeks which shows just how ideal the growing conditions are and the roughs are out of control, particularly any Kikuyu areas.  Across the courses we are struggling to keep up with the grass growth but be assured we are doing our best.  The humid conditions are perfect for disease formation but the plant protectant programs in place have so far done exactly what they are required to do and that is prevent disease in conditions such as these.  When you see the proliferation of mushrooms popping up you know it is exceptionally hot and humid.

A nice crop at the rear of 8W green
The new TifEagle greens got a fertilise and sanding earlier this week and I thought I would video the operation for publication on the Blog.  It may be the last sanding the greens get although the weather is still holding up quite well so there might be time for another.  The sand used is the same that they were constructed with and there is some gypsum and a mix of humates added which was also part of the construction mix which helps prevent building up of differing soil layers in the greens profile.




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