Friday, March 17, 2017

A week interrupted by some much needed rainfall and fortunately we got what we needed rather than the soaking some courses further south received with Byron Bay receiving 250+ mm on Tuesday when we received a very timely  38mm which was followed another 20mm on Wednesday.  The courses certainly took it well after such a prolonged dry period and is just the tonic to finish off summer and set us up for the winter.

The new TifEagle greens are settling in very well and as with all new greens holding nutrients in them to maintain colour is a real juggling act.  I prefer to shy away from synthetic fertlisers when they are young and will be putting out a granular product on them next week.  The synthetics normally only last a week or so whereas the product I will use should give us 4 - 6 weeks.  It will co-incide with another sanding which may well be the last before the winter arrives.  It will also compliment the soil amendments that were added to the sand during construction where the goal was to put in a range of natural products to try and "create" a six year old profile rather than a brand new sand based profile.

I had a visit from a life time long Superintendent from Florida today and at his last course was growing TifEagle so it was great to get some first hand information from him.  He was pretty impressed with the surface for such young greens at Cool Tweed.  I will be holidaying in the USA this June and will be taking some time out to visit some courses in Naples and West Palm Beach in Florida where TifEagle is all the rage.  Three of the courses I am visiting have ex pat Aussie Superintendents as well!!  I also showed him a couple of the 328 River greens which bemused him as it hasn't been used on greens in the USA for many years.  "I gotta get a photo of me on a 328 green for my buddies" he beamed. 

Hopefully the massive amounts of rain predicted over the week end don't eventuate and we get what the courses need rather than a wash out.

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