Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who came in this morning and assisted the regular Dad's Army crew with a huge effort in "stick picking" the majority of the West course.  It is still pretty soggy in most parts, particularly in the roughs where most of their work took place.  It makes the work of our contractors and club staff so much faster by being able to pick up the piles of sticks and get the course mowable and playable ASAP.

Speaking of playability, the River course will be fully playable on Wednesday with a final decision on motorised buggies to be made by 5.30am but at this stage late on Tuesday it would take significant rainfall to keep them off.  The West course will remain closed on Wednesday.

Considering what the River course looked like last Saturday morning it has been a herculean effort by the course staff to get the course to where it is and I think players will be pleasantly surprised when they see just how good the conditions are out there.  A few fairways have suffered a salt burn but this should grow out over the next week or so. 

A very big thank you is also in order for the contractors the club employ.  Kings Machinery Hire, Chicka's Excavator hire, Peter McConnell Backhoe hire and Gold Coast Tree Loppers always come to our aid in our time of need and the courses would be closed a lot longer without their support and expertise.

The putting cups have been out of the back 9 West greens since last week and a cane toad decided it was a good spot to get out of the wind!!

Cane toad on 15W green hole!!

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  1. Pete,
    We would like to thank you and your staff for the splendid job in getting the courses back in playing condition. It's been a huge effort from staff and volunteers - well done to all involved.
    Grant Evans, Rod Marshall and Ron Lawton


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