Friday, April 7, 2017

Wow what a week it's been.  Last Friday seems a world away and it feels like we have been to hell and back but when you hear the stories from other golf clubs and the damage they have sustained we had very "minor" damage at Cool Tweed.  And obviously the human suffering that has occurred over the past week makes our golf course problems seem rather insignificant and I trust that members and their families survived unscathed.

To get both courses back in to a playable condition so fast is an absolute credit to the course staff.  I have said it before but members don't really know how lucky they are to have this group working for them looking after the courses.  We were three men down with one on annual leave and two on sick leave so the reduced numbers stepped up and did a fantastic job.  A special thanks to the volunteers that came in and "stick picked" the West course on Tuesday which expedited the entire operation.

When you hear stories of Bobcats being required to push 6 inches of mud off greens and one course possibly taking three months to get 18 holes operational again, we really were fortunate.

With the West course closed on Wednesday we took the opportunity to give the West Bentgrass greens a solid tine aerate which is the first time that the greens have been "opened" since October to allow for some desperately needed air exchange.  If this process was carried out over summer the greens would dry out far too quickly to the point of dying.  The video below shows what we did.

And the Blog certainly proved popular over the past week with 2,155 page views since last Friday.  It normally gets about 80 views a day with a peak up to around 150 on Fridays.  Glad to have been able to keep you informed.

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