Friday, April 28, 2017

It seems incredible that we can nearly say "it's June next month"!!  I can't believe how fast the year has gone and these recent short weeks haven't helped either although luckily the grass has all but stopped growing across the courses.  
I have had lot's of people ask how we fared through the flood and after hearing the stories from other course's my response now is we had no damage.  Stories of Bobcats pushing sludge off greens and 36 man hours required to push the sludge off just one green at another course and several still not playing 18 holes yet.  One course had a bridge wash out and they haven't been able to access two greens yet which is a total disaster for them.  We thankfully fared quite well in comparison.
The front nine West greens conversion to TifEagle is also looming large on the horizon and preparations are well advanced.  I couldn't imagine we will have as good a run with the weather this year particularly on this side of the course that gets and stays wetter than the back nine, particularly in the areas that the heavy trucks need to access.  There are no proposals for major changes on the greens but greens 2, 3, and front of 8 will have the slope softened and the LHS bunker on 9 will come out and the green extended to the left.  The greens are generally much bigger than the back nine so the project may be a little slower coming together.  The works are planned to start on the first Tuesday in October following the long week end as per last year.
And a couple of stunning sunset and sunrise photos below to finish the week.

Sunset over 4R last Sunday.

Sunrise over 4W on Wednesday

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