Friday, January 12, 2018

And then there was one!!  Barring overnight dramas 9W will be the only temporary green left on the front nine West with 2, 3, 4 and 8 set top open to play tomorrow.  The greens were all groomed and sanded this week to improve the putting surface to an acceptable standard which was achieved.  9W should come in to play next Saturday and by the start of February they all should be providing an excellent putting surface.

Final sanding for 3W on Friday

Elsewhere on the courses and things are starting to dry out but at least with the lack of wind overnight the irrigation system gets a chance to perform as well as it can with the sprinklers allowed to operate efficiently.  The fairway sprinklers at Cool Tweed are just a single row down the middle of the fairway so there is not a lot of overlap.  They are actually 2 speed sprinkler drives so they speed up where there is overlap and slow down where there is not.  They are generally Toro 690 sprinklers which have a throw of 30 metres and deliver 300 litres of water a minute and it is quite possible that some of the sprinklers in the ground on Cool Tweed are in excess of forty years old such is the quality and longevity of the sprinkler.  They rarely cause a problem which can't be said for our ageing control system. 

A Toro 690 in full flight on 11R

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