Friday, January 19, 2018

No rain in the forecast until next Wednesday at the earliest!!  I haven't often seen such a pessimistic rainfall outlook and I hope they are wrong.  Both courses are drying out and I cursed myself last week by saying that the lack of wind was assisting good application after the wind has blown almost every night since!!

The new TifEagle greens on the West course are settling in very well and surviving the warm dry conditions with apparent ease.  As was the case last year they will just get better every week as they smooth out and adjust to the lower mowing heights.  9W will open tomorrow which is just 7 weeks since being planted and they are now back in play.  A big thank you to the members and their patience playing temporary greens over the past 2 summers.  The putting surfaces on the back 9 certainly demonstrate how good the grass is for golf though so a bright future ahead for the West greens.

As was the case last year the ducks are certainly enjoying the lush growth on the new greens.  We had a product that we have previously used that the ducks don't like the taste of but that is no longer available.  So I got on to some snail and slug pellets that we sprinkle on the immediate green collar and as they are grazing towards the green they hit these pellets which again they don't like and so far it has kept them off the green.  4W is the main green affected at the moment so that is what the little blue pellets are on the collar.  

Blue snail pellets stopping the ducks.

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