Friday, January 5, 2018

Thankfully the short weeks are now past us and we can start to catch up on the mowing and trimming about the courses.  High player numbers this week slowed down our work rate but the staff did a great job to just about get both courses fully mown.  The strong winds also add to the workload with clean up required each morning before the normal jobs can be done.

Another machine breakdown this week with one of the roughcutters succumbing which is quite possibly the worse time of year for this to happen but as their name perhaps suggest they are "roughcutters" and spend a lot of time in amongst the trees chopping up sticks as well as grass.  I have mentioned before that we use "mulching" type blades which help reduce the abundant sticks and twigs to a mulch which is a lot faster than trying to pick them all up.  The photo below shows a new and 6 week old blade and it's plain to see just what happens to the blade with such use!!

The last place a machine needs to be is on the hoist!

Wear and tear on the blade!

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