Friday, February 22, 2019

A pretty tough week in the end with all the uncertainty regarding what the cyclone was going to do affecting work programs.  The high level of rainfall predicted meant that as much mowing as possible needed to be done and as much growth regulator applied in the event of not being able to get back on to the courses to mow in the short term.  I have been caught before with a weather event and it is difficult to play catch up at this time of year which is our high growth period.  The wind has certainly done some damage with a large amount of debris strewn across the courses and several full size trees down.  Bunkers and buggy paths are also covered in litter and as soon as we clear it some more just blows down.

We have had far worse storms before and as in the past it will take time to restore order.  We have a great relationship with a number of our contractors and they actually rang me to offer their services to assist in the clean up when they could get any amount of work elsewhere.  We had already been clearing some trees but the clean up will begin in earnest on Saturday morning and hopefully no more debris hits the ground overnight. 

On the upside we did get 34mm of rain on Thursday night but the washouts in the bunkers and grass wash on fairways illustrates just how hard it came down with most running off and not too much soaking in to where it is needed most.  It did help to recharge some of the groundwater as seen in the small dam on 5W which was nearly dry on Thursday afternoon but re-filled on Friday.

Thursday pm dam level.

Less than 24 hours later!!


  1. Well done to Peter and his staff for presenting the courses to a playable standard for Saturdays competitions. I really didn't expect to play, and was surprised at how good the fairways and greens were. Although, the 18th West green did need some velcro.Well done again. Bill Dangerfield

  2. Thanks for the comments Bill. The boys always work hard but seem to rally that bit more in times of weather events.


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