Friday, February 15, 2019

Almost a bit sad when you get excited by 5mm of rain but that was all we got on Thursday which was probably lucky as a lot of other nearby locations received a lot less or none at all.  It was a shock to the system though with Wednesday being probably the hottest day so far this summer and then Thursday the coolest with the most welcome showers.  The grass growth on the courses is still extreme and that can be seen with the scalping and some clippings being left on the surface that is occurring on the fairways in some areas.  The growth regulator that is applied to them normally prevents this from happening but such is the surge of growth we are currently experiencing.  The photo below gives a good indication of just how good the growth regulator is with the area on the left being missed in the application and the resultant clippings and mess on the fairway.
18R fairway non growth regulated area on the left.
We got a great result with the scarifying on the tees this week with a lot of dead plant material removed and a good low mow followed.  Unfortunately the rain on Thursday interrupted the process so we will re-start again next week.  The growth regulator will also be applied to the fairways next week as well to help slow them down and as per last week it will be mow mow mow all week!! 

12W tee after a scarify and mow
And one from the archives with a photo of the buggy shed extension that occurred in February 2007.  Wow how time flies!!

February 2007


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