Friday, February 19, 2021

A wet week and it seems like two weeks since we have seen the sun.  125mm for the week wasn't really the type of preparation weather I would have liked for the Athena event starting tomorrow but fortunately they are on the River and only using six holes and they happen to be some of the driest golf holes you would see anywhere.  The lack of play due to the weather was a bonus but unfortunately the type of play we had from some people on Friday was disappointing to say the least.  The fairways in particular looked a treat but I counted twelve divots that had had no attempt to repair them.  And a ''lucky'' hydraulic leak if there is such a thing with a hose letting go on 5W fairway this week.  Normally Murphy's Law would have it happen on the tournament course.

All ready to go.

Thanks for nothing.  1 of 12 on the River course Friday.



The humidity has disease pressure at its limit so hopefully we get some respite from the rain next week to be able to attend to it. 

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