Friday, February 12, 2021

No ponies this week but some more rain and heat combining to keep the growth surging.  I mentioned last week about the growth regulator needing to be applied more often and this week we have actually had some clippings left on fairways after mowing which is very rare for us.  The 328 turf on the River greens has done what 328 is renowned for in these weather conditions and ''gone puffy'' which means we are getting some scalping on some of the slopes.

The Athena ladies golf event next week looks like a great initiative and there are some very good up and coming young players competing.  With three amateurs in the field it's a 9/1 chance of picking up $30K which is not to be sneezed at.  Unfortunately, seemingly as per usual, the weather looks as though it doesn't want to co-operate with some rain forecast in the lead up.  Hopefully they get it wrong and we can show off Cool Tweed in style.



1R green has finally started to send some runners out.  I had the soil tested just in case and it was fine so I have no explanation for the slow establishment.  It has certainly had enough fertiliser and irrigation and had its first mowing this week which will also help push the runners along.  We need to have almost a full cover before opening. 

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  1. Fairways and tees great, greens dreadful. Played the River first time in ages and hope not to play there again in the near future. West improving but so uneven the ball rarely stays on the grass a lottery if the ball goes where it is intended.


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