Friday, February 26, 2021

We certainly dodged a big bullet last Friday night on the eve of the Athena tournament with the rain that bucketed down just about anywhere south of Kingscliff.  Many locations recorded well in excess of 100mm in the storm that hit but we got by with just 18mm.  It did take us to 143mm for the week though which would see many other courses unplayable, especially the bunkers but I thought the course presented very well.  It would be nice if all tournaments were only five holes though!!

We had a great day on Tuesday to get the West greens hollow tine aerated which is the best process for removing unwanted organic matter and thatch.  We weren't able to do it at the recent renovation due to the weather so it was very important to get it done.  The machine only penetrated 25mm so only the thatch was removed as everything underneath that is in great shape.  The cores were then blown off the green and the green rolled and apart from the visible holes on the surface you would hardly know we had done anything.  Weather permitting the process will be repeated on March 9.

Hollow tining.

Blowing cores off.

Finished surface post rolling.

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